Farm and Ranch Insurance in in Elk River, MN, and Surrounding Areas

Covering Your Farm, Ranch or Agribusiness in Elk River MN

Farms and ranches are the cornerstone of many states, and all have different needs when it comes to insurance protection. Maintaining a farm, ranch or agribusiness is expensive and a single loss or claim can cause a huge setback.

This is why Elk Agency offers multiple insurance policies to suit your business. Working with your budget and the size of your enterprise, we’ll craft a comprehensive policy built on protecting your home, your business and everything that comes with it. We offer insurance to farms and ranches in and around Elk River MN and beyond. Speak with an insurance agent today to insure your way of life.

Coverages We Offer

Among the many farm and ranch insurance policies available, we offer:


  • Auto Insurance: Farm auto insurance provides coverage for vehicles used by the farm or ranch for work, such as trucks transporting animals or equipment. This coverage provides compensation for damages to the vehicle due to fire, theft, vandalism and more as well as liability coverage in case the driver causes bodily injury or property damage while operating the insured vehicle.
  • Dwelling Insurance: Farm dwelling insurance provides coverage for your physical home in case of loss or damage.
  • Equipment Insurance: Farm equipment insurance covers farm equipment that is lost or damaged.
  • Liability Insurance: Farm liability insurance is a form of general liability that covers incidents of bodily injury or property damage that occur on the farm property.
  • Livestock Insurance: Farm livestock insurance provides compensation for livestock that is injured or killed, whether on the farm or in transit, due to a covered loss.
  • Structures Insurance: Farm structures insurance provides property coverage for farm structures such as barns and stables.
  • Umbrella Insurance: Farm umbrella liability insurance provides coverage in case your business’ other liability insurances reach their limit.

Crop Insurance

Crop insurance is vital for farmers in case bad weather or other catastrophe sweeps in and destroys their crops. There are two options for crop insurance, one of which (crop-yield insurance) safeguards your crop on its historic average yield and the other (crop-revenue insurance) which provides compensation for a certain dollar value per acre of the crop.

Equine Insurance

Whether you breed, board or train horses, they are an expensive and invaluable asset to your farm or ranch. Equine insurance can cover liability related to accidents involving the horse, loss of use, certain veterinary costs and equine mortality, which is a form of life insurance for your horse. Mitigate your risk the smart way with a thorough equine insurance policy.

Partner for Protection

The agents at Elk Agency are dedicated to helping you build an affordable and comprehensive farm and ranch insurance policy. We partner with some of the country’s top insurance companies to find farmers and ranchers the best policy for their business. Contact an insurance professional today at 763-241-0656 to get started.


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