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For many homeowners, flood insurance is an essential extra layer of protection.

Adding flood insurance to your insurance package means you're covered if groundwater rises and floods your home—a situation that isn't usually covered by home policies.

Why Flood Insurance Might be a Must-have

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Here's why the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) recommends flood insurance to everyone:

The situations that cause flooding—heavy rain, melting snow, severe coastal weather—can happen anywhere. In fact, one in five flood insurance claims comes from someone in a low—or medium-risk area.

Most of your House is Covered, What isn't?

Generally, most of your house is covered by flood insurance.

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Carpeting and personal belongings are generally covered, too, unless they're in the basement.


Flood Insurance: One Price Wherever you Go

Unlike most other insurance coverages, your flood insurance policy will cost you the same, no matter where you get it. cleaning mold best car insurance for bad credit, boat insurance companies, boat insurance cost, boat insurance quote, business liability insurance, cabin insurance, car insurance companies, car insurance quotes, commercial general liability insurance, contractor insurance, general liability insurance cost(Good news if you prefer not to shop around!)

The reason flood insurance costs you the same is that it's a national program backed by the federal government (via the National Flood Insurance Program). So, however you buy it, it's ultimately coming from the same place.

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